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Tampa Bay Fishing Charters With Good Friends Kim and Alex

7/27 Tampa Bay Fishing Charters with full time Tampa Bay Fishing Guide captain Kevin Overstreet.

Today was a day I've been excited about for the past week because today's Tampa Fishing Charter isn't the same as the others. Today's Tampa Fishing Charter was with my good friends Kim and Alex. We always have a good time when we go fishing because the positive vibes from Kim and Alex could put a smile on anyone's face. Our first cast of the day was a beautiful redfish and next Alex and Kim both doubled up. Today Alex caught the most but it wasn't for lack of effort from Kim because she caught a monster redfish and did it all while smoking a cigarette and with a broke toe. Alex sight cast a cool bonnethead shark on the flats and they caught a couple snook and a jack. Today was an absolute blast and I can't wait til our next Tampa Bay Fishing Charter together. Thank you Kim and Alex

Slay The Bay Fishing Charters Of Tampa Bay

6332 S Renellie Ct. Tampa,FL 33616

Open 24 Hours


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