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Tampa Bay Fishing Charters August Fishing Report

Fishing last month (August) was 100 times better then I expected. I figured with the summer heat and warm water temps the bite would be a little difficult but that was not the case. The Redfish were all over the place but the Snook not so much. It seems as if you can pull up to any mangrove line with water flow, chum out some baits, and start catching redfish. I know your thinking "come on now Captain Kevin that sounds a little fishy' but honestly all month I did just that.

Bait has been all over the flats in middle Tampa Bay which makes the morning bait grind a whole lot easier. Some days its all small stuff and some days its the perfect mix. Either way it does not matter because the fish are loving every size. I have noticed the fish seem to be eating the smaller baits a lot better then the bigger baits in the mangroves. The big baits we have been using for cut bait for the bigger fish towards the end of the trip as the clients sit and eat lunch or have a drink.

Sometimes we get kids or anglers with less experience that want to catch sharks and it does not matter which kind. When Charter Fishing Tampa Bay for sharks last month it was very easy as well. All we did was find a shallow water shoal with about 5 foot of water and put a shrimp on the bottom. We had several Fishing Charters that we caught 10 sharks within our first 30 minutes to an hour. After we finished with sharks we either moved on to fun fish for mackerel and trout or went to catch snook and reds.

If you are interested in Charter Fishing Tampa or know anyone looking for Tampa Fishing Charters please contact me at 813-770-7634. We have some open days available since schools back in so take advantage of a less crowded Tampa Bay and lets go fishing. I look forward to hearing from you guys and fishing with you soon.

Until then tight lines and stay safe.

Captain Kevin Overstreet with Slay The Bay Fishing Charters Of Tampa Bay or 813-770-7634

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