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Tampa Bay Fishing Charters Kids Edition

Tampa Bay Fishing Charters with Tampa Bay Fishing Guide Captain Kevin Overtsreet

Last Monday 2/17/2020 I ran a trip for Florida Fantasy Fishing Camp and wow what a blast it was fishing with these kiddos. We started our trip with a pick up from Hula bay restraurant in Tampa, Florida. Right when the kids stepped on the boat it was big high fives and excitement as I introduced myself as Captain Kevin Overstreet and off we went.

We left the boat ramp and talked about what they wanted to catch as we were in the no wake zone. As no surprise they all mentioned 'SHARK"!!!! I laughed because when fishing with kids they all love Shark so that was the obvious answer. I then told the kids "hang on" and off we went with the sun on our skin and the wind to our face.

The first fishing spot was some backcountry around some mangroves and we caught several Trout, Snook and Jacks. The kids had an absolute blast catching fish and then we took a little break and ate some chips and drank some water. Once we were done with our little break I ask the kid, " Are You Ready To Catch A Shark Now"!? Of course they all scream at the top of they're lungs with "YES"!!!!! Then once again off we went.

The second fishing spot was in the middle of Tampa Bay on a sandy shoal that is usaully loaded with Bonnethead Sharks. The kids were absolutely shocked to learn we were going to use shrimp as bait for Sharks. I casted out 3 rods and explained to the kids we are going to leave the rods in the rod holders and take turns catching fish. They decided to go girls first then whichever kids caught the less would go first until they all caught one. Well that did not last long because within 5 minutes all 3 rods were bent over the 3 kids were hooked up. After that we tripled up again and then we finished the area catching Spanish Mackerel just to switch it up for the kiddos.

Our last spot was a Island near Hula Bay and we met up with two other boats that were apart of Fish camp as well and all the kids played with each other the last 30 minutes. We all sat around and told our story's of the day and the kids bragged to each other their fish was bigger then the others. lol Then last but not least was "ICE CREAM" time at the end of the day!

If your looking for a Tampa Bay Fishing Charters please call us at 813-770-7634.

If you are looking to get your kid involved in Florida Fantasy Fishing Camp then please contact Camp Director Parker Rabow at 813-244-4682 and please mention you got the information off captain Kevin Overstreet's website from a Blog.

Thank for reading and I look forward to being your Tampa Bay Fishing Guide of the future for your Tampa Fishing Charters

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