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Slay The Bay Fishing Charters Of Tampa Bay "August Fishing Report"

Updated: Feb 1, 2020

The month of August is a great time to book your Tampa Fishing Charters. With the kids going back to school the expenses are up and family responsibilities increase as well. All the money spent on vacations over the summer are really starting to affect the average house hold with school clothes and supplies adding up. All this slows down business for a Tampa Fishing Guide and the fish get a much needed break. With a lower amount of fishing guides and local anglers on the water the fish feel much less pressure. I don't think its just a coincidence that all of a sudden we have schools of redfish in Tampa Bay, do you? Baits pretty much on the smaller side depending on where you are fishing in Tampa Bay but that's not a problem. The Snapper and Mackerel love the smaller baits. Looking for redfish then I have your solution. Take a bobber, hook a shrimp or pinfish and cut the tail off. The redfish have been crushing the cut and live pinfish as well as the shrimp. Snook can be caught on greenbacks or cut greenbacks in the mouth of inlets on a moving tide. If your using 30lb leader and your bites slow then drop down to 20lb. Well that's all for this week and we here at Slay The Bay Fishing Charters Of Tampa Bay hope to see you on the water soon. For your Tampa Fishing Charters and needs call Captain Kevin Overstreet 813-770-7634. "Tight Lines And Good Vibes" my friends.

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