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She Thinks We Are Just Fishing

Updated: Feb 1, 2020

Tampa Bay Fishing Charters A strong connection with your kids doesn't just happen. In today's world there is so many things going on that sometimes we forget about what matters most. Spending time with the people we love and being outdoors is one of the best ways to make memories and try to connect with one another. My daughter is 8 years old and I've been taking her fishing the past 4 years. Every year she gets better and better and every year I see her passion grow more and more. She thinks we are just fishing but she doesn't understand at this age that I'm teaching her life. When fishing you will understand your not going to succeed every time and some fish get away but you will always get another chance if you try hard enough. Some days can be slow and feel like they are going to be unsuccessful but if you grind it out great times can happen. Some days won't go your way at all and you learn you just have to accept your loss because you always have tomorrow. See fishing is just like anything else in life and you will get back what you put in. It takes time, hard work and patience but that's what builds character. Nothing in life is given to you and fishing is no different. The water can teach you so much but you have to be willing to learn! Please take your kids fishing and get them off the video games. Have fun making memories Tampa Fishing Charters Tampa Bay Fishing Guides Tampa Fishing Guides

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