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Fishing With Kids

Updated: Feb 15, 2020

I get a lot of phone calls for Tampa Bay Fishing Charters from parents wanting to get the kids off the video games and outdoors but they are concerned the kids may become bored. Almost every time the parent ask me "So which type of fish will we target'? When it comes to kids my answer is always the same " whatever is biting" . (LOL). The parents always seem to laugh and then I explain to them. See a kid just wants to catch a fish and 9 times out of 10 he doesn't know what any of them look like, fight like or anything else about it. Its usually a first time experience for them either fishing or being out on the boat and as long as its action packed they will absolutely love it. I try to always take the kids to where the fish are weather they are big ones or small ones it doesn't matter. Kids are not picky as long as they are catching something. Another thing that I have learned over the years is every kid loves catching a shark. I don't know exactly want it is but kids are head over heels for sharks. A lot of Tampa Bay Fishing Guides do it wrong in my opinion and forget its not what makes them happy its all about making the clients happy. You just can't take most kids to try and catch a trophy fish because they don't have the patience or passion yet to sit around waiting on a bite that sometimes does not happen. Its our job to make it fun and entertaining all while teaching them how to fish so that they grow to fall in love with everything about fishing and being outdoors. If you are interested in booking a Tampa Fishing Charter for you and your family feel free to gives us a call 813-770-7634.

Full Time Tampa Fishing Guide Captain Kevin Overstreet

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