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Cut Bait Fishing Charters Tampa

Updated: Feb 1, 2020

Tampa Fishing Charters The Hurricane is gone and hopefully the rain is gone as well. With all the foul weather lately its been a little tough to stay on the water but the days we have been out the fishing has been great. The redfish have been eating a little bit of everything from pinfish, to greenbacks and shrimp but my favorite bait to use this time of the year is DEAD BAIT. That's right folks if it was up to me I would only use cut bait this time of year. In order to do so you must have patience and confidence in yourself or captain. Sure you can go through a little slow period but put your rod in the rod holder and sit back and relax. Make sure your drag is a little loose so that the fish does not break you off on the first strike. Over the weekend I had the pleasure of fishing the Hooked On A Cure Tournament and my client Justin caught this beautiful 27.5" redfish on a cut pinfish about the size of half your palm. If you are looking for Tampa Bay Fishing Charters then give us a call 813-770-7634.

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