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Corona Virus Does Not Stop Tampa Bay Fishing Charters

The world has been hit and forced to stop doing their normal routine. We are all told to isolate ourselves from big numbers of people. So what are we suppose to do? All beaches and boat ramps are now closed as well. All restaurants are closed and theme parks as well but you are desperate to get out the house but also feel safe. What if I told you I have want you need?

Slay The Bay Fishing Charters offers private charters for just you, your friends and family so you do not have to worry about being around others. I was down my boat with bleach and dawn extremely well after every use. The Corona Virus does not survive well in the heat and its been beautiful outside lately. The sun natural gives us Vitamin D and boost our immune system and a day on the water relaxes our mind gets us out the house. Take away some of the anxiety from distancing yourself away from others and lets go catch some fish.

Our Tampa Bay Fishing Charters have been great this month and the fishing will only get better. We keep our boat at Hula Bay Marina in Tampa, Florida and have full access to our boat at all times. While all boats ramps are closed and other Tampa Bay Fishing Guides cannot take you fishing, we can. Book a Tampa Fishing Charter today and lets go have the bay to ourselves.

Captain Kevin Overstreet 813-770-7634

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