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A Fish Of A Lifetime

Updated: Feb 1, 2020

The day started off extremely hard from the full moon and intense wind making catching bait horrible. I had to call my client and explain to her that we have to push the trip back an hour to a 10am pick up. Having that conversation is always a bad feeling but customer service is on the top of my list so those are the conversations you can’t hide from. After throwing my cast net probably 30 times I finally got us enough bait to fish with. I knew I had less bait then most days but I had three boys and a mom that was dying to go fish. As I picked them up I explained to them that the wind is blowing hard and that we were going to have to find some backcounty to tuck away in. The original plan was to Mackerel fish in open water but it was just to choppy. As we crossed the bay I knew this wasn’t exactly the weather they were hoping for but these are the days I live for. I love competition and the pressure of having the odds against me. I think that’s what it’s all about when it comes to fishing. As we got to the first spot we didn’t get a bite but I told the family just be calm. We were out of the wind and the weather felt great so they started just enjoying the day. Then we moved to the next spot and first cast was a 15in snook. Now they were getting excited and ready for another one. Well another one is exactly what they got,

then another one, then another and then all of a sudden "BOOM" the big big girl ate. This Snook measured at 37” and is truly “A Fish Of A Lifetime”.

I can never guarantee "A Fish Of A Lifetime" but I will always guarantee hard work and a good time. Call 813-770-7634 to book your Tampa Bay Fishing Charters now with Slay The Bay Fishing Charters.

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1 Comment

Aug 12, 2019

Amazing story! Reading this and seeing the pic has made me want to be next! See you soon!!

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